Data Domain Virtual Edition Powered by Azure


DD VE is a software-defined version of the industry leading protectionstorage, Dell EMC Data Domain. With the movement companies are making to take advantage of the agility and flexibility of the public, private and hybrid cloud, Dell EMC wanted to provide the same protection expected from a Data Domain in these new environments. Azure users will benefit from high-speed, variable length deduplication, unparalleled data integrity to ensure reliable recovery, and seamless integration with leading backup applications.
The main benefits of DD VE 3.1:
  • Local backup supported on Azure in commercial regions
  • Up to 15 TB usable capacity
  • DD Boost and BoostFS protocols supported
  • Encryption
  • Replication
    • Between on-prem and the cloud
    • Between the same or different regions in the cloud
  • Data Domain System Manager and Data Domain Management Center support for manageability
  • Supports leading backup applications included in the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family
Interested in trying Data Domain Virtual Edition before you buy? Dell EMC offers a Try and Buy version for just that!

You can download the trial license from the Dell EMC website  Here

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